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Frequently Asked Questions

Top Shelf Planning:
For the couple that would like help from engagement to honeymoon
Guidance through the entire process of planning your wedding
Organizational tools to get you started and etiquette questions answered
Suggestions and advise on venue selection, vendors, decors, catering (no more endlessly surfing the internet)
“Tips of the trade” on how to negotiate contracts (usually we can save you enough money to cover the cost of our services)
Help with menu selection and table settings, floor plan and seating arrangements
At your service 24/7 the week of your wedding
With you from sun up to sun down on the day of your wedding
We begin working together moments after the proposal.
Premium Planning is ideal for those who:
 Has a majority of the planning done and now it’s all in the details
Needs just a few more Vendor recommendations
Needs help devising a timeline for the entire day
Want someone to coordinate the vendors, rehearsal, ceremony, transportation and vendor details
Will enjoy a fun filled wedding day while Top Shelf Planners make all your dreams come true
We begin working with you ideally six months before your wedding
Month of Coordinating is ideal for those who:
Have completed the planning themselves and are looking to enjoy a stress free day
Already have all their vendors but might need someone to talk details
Want an on-site expert to ensure the day runs smoothly
We begin our work with you three months prior to your wedding

A wedding consultant is a professional whose training, expertise and contacts will help make your wedding as close to perfect as it possibly can be.  You an relax (as much as you can!) and be a guest at your own wedding.

Let your professional wedding consultant handle the details with you. It’s a lifetime celebration you want to fully enjoy!

As an expert, the consultant knows weddings from the socially correct invitation formats through the proper planning and organization of the reception.

Through extensive contacts in the wedding business, the consultant can match you with the right professionals, from photographer to caterer, to turn your wedding dreams into reality.

Why should you worry about the details of planning your wedding?  Your consultant will work with the other professionals you have chosen to help ensure everything happens just as you wish.

Caught between “ex”-families and “step” families?  A bridal professional, as an independent third party can often smooth ruffled feathers and mediate disagreements.  Sometimes your consultant may be nothing more than a “shoulder to cry on” to support you during the hectic days before your wedding

It is important you look for one with professional credentials.  You should also be very comfortable with the person.  You will be spending a lot of time together planning one of the major rites of passage in your life.

This is your once-in-a-lifetime day!
Let your professional wedding consultant handle the details with you. It’s a lifetime celebration you want to fully enjoy!

Michelle & Jason
We were in the bridal suite when I heard a bridesmaid go “oh no” so I calmly walked over to assist. Seems her zipper had broken and she was in tears. As we made our way to the ladies room, I quickly retrieved my emergency kit which coincidently had thread the exact color of the dress. I whipped stitched the dress around the zipper and she was good to go, nobody would even notice. I told her I would check on her all evening and if I saw that the stitching tore I would tap her on the shoulder and we would meet in the ladies room. I never did have to use our secret code and I don’t know how she got out of her dress, but I will say that if the bride found out, it was after the wedding

Kelly & Sam
It was a wedding on the Eastern Shore of MD, way back in the woods at the brides mom’s best friends house. We were sitting in the living room when her husband arrived with his tux bag. He said we have a problem here and opened up the bag to reveal a childs tux. Seems that the ring bearer had the same name as the father of the bride and they had cancelled the ring bearer’s tux because he was sick. Unfortunately, the store where they rented the tux had cancelled the wrong one and because one person picked up all the tuxes, they figured this out about 3 hours before the wedding. Mom started crying, dad was apologizing while I was on the phone with the store. They had the dad’s tux but were closing in 1 hour and I was 2 hours away. Lucky for me, I have a wonderful husband. He drove to the store and then drove to meet me half way. Dad had his tux in time and the bride never knew what happen until I am sure after the wedding, when it was funny.

Karla & Cindy
It was Karla and Cindy’s big day. The day they have been waiting for forever since they had been together for 13 years but only recently able to legally tie the knot. They decided to do a first look and were getting ready in two separate room, one in the basement and one in the 2nd floor suite of this very beautiful country club. I was helping Karla when she realized she had the wrong wedding dress, luckily before she opened the bag. See, one dress came from David’s bridal the other from Alfred Angelo. I quickly took the dress up the back hallway and quietly entered the room where Cindy was having her makeup done. I swapped the dresses without making a peep and never got caught. The first look was beautiful and was truly a first look!